Required Inspections

As always, if there is a question or problem, please do not hesitate to call the Building and Zoning Department. The following inspections are required:

  • Footing - Bearing soil inspections, before the pour and after footing excavation has been completed and formed.
  • Floor Slabs - After underground plumbing is installed and before the concrete floor is poured, including electric, vapor barriers, reinforcing mesh, etc.
  • Foundations Walls - When rebar is required, before the pour
  • Draintile - The entire drain tile installation must be complete into the sump pit for inspection. No foundation backfill may be started until approval of draintile and dampproofing is given.
  • Felt Paper - Before any interior wall finish is applied and after the framing is completed.
  • Spotted Plat-of-Survey - Shall be submitted to the Department of Building and Zoning immediately after the completion of the foundation walls, and must set forth the exact location of the foundation in relation to the lot lines. The spotted survey shall include the certificate of an Illinois Registered Surveyor. Construction shall not proceed until said the spotted survey is received and approved by the director of building and zoning.
  • Framing - Before any interior wall finish is applied and after the framing is completed.
  • Rough - Required before any interior walls are covered. All trades are to be completed before requesting inspection including plumbing and electricity.
  • Sewer and Water Services - Inspection of sewer and water line installation is required while the trench is open, before any backfill operation.
  • Engineering Department - Must conduct inspections on all on-site and off-site improvements according to the approved engineering plans for all construction other than single-family residences. Inspections include all below grade as well as grade improvements. A final inspection and approval of all engineering must be completed by the Engineering Department before a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.
  • Elevator Acceptance Inspection - Must be made by the Village of North Riverside Elevator Inspector before the elevator is turned over to the owners for operation. A Certificate of Inspection is required.
  • Other Inspections - Required, depending upon the type of construction. Especially important is an inspection on each segment of concrete or masonry work containing other construction trades when completion is partial before concrete is poured or masonry is closed in.
  • Final - Every permit requires a final inspection. No occupancy of the structure will be permitted until the final inspection has been made and (when required) Certificate of Occupancy has been issued.

Furthermore, it should be noted that General Contractors are held responsible for all of their subcontractor's work, and to see that the required inspection is made at the proper time. There is no regulation as to which contractor is to call for the inspection, just so the call is made. Notice of 24 hours is required in all cases. Inspections are performed on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Incomplete installations could result in the General Contractor having to remove concrete and/or wall covering such as drywall, in order to facilitate approval by the Department of Building and Zoning. Forfeiture of all cash bonds and refusal to issue a Certificate of Occupancy for the structure could result.