Vehicle Stickers

Village ordinance requires residents to license their vehicles each year with the Village.  Visitors wishing to park overnight on village streets must have a overnight visitor parking permit prominently hanging from their rear view mirror.2023vehiclestickers

Village Vehicle Stickers

All vehicles registered with the State of Illinois to a North Riverside address are required to obtain a village vehicle sticker. To obtain your sticker, you must present your driver's license and vehicle registration for each vehicle. The cost for a village sticker is based upon the number of vehicles registered to your NR address as follows: 

  • Passenger Vehicles: 
    • $40 - 1st and 2nd vehicles
    • $60 - 3rd vehicle
    • $80 - 4th vehicle
    • $100 - 5th vehicle
    • Sticker cost continues to increase by $20 for each additional vehicle registered after 5 
  • Discounted vehicles: $10
    • Senior citizens (65 and older)
    • Veterans (proof required)
    • Disabled (proof required)
  • Commercial Vehicles: $80
  • Transfer License to New Vehicle: $5

Discounted vehicle stickers for seniors, veterans and disabled individuals are limited to a total of 2 per household. All other vehicles registered to that household will be charged the regular passenger vehicle fee.

All vehicle stickers expire on September 30th of every year. Fees double after October 31st for all vehicles not properly registered by the September 30th deadline. New residents moving into the community should register all vehicles as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days of residency, to avoid being ticketed by the police department and subject to higher fees. 

Overnight Visitor Parking Permits

Residents can purchase daily parking permits for any guest needing to park overnight on village streets.  Overnight parking permits are sold in booklets of 10 passes at either the Village Commons or the Police Records Department and cost $25 per booklet.  Each permit is only valid for a single use between the hours of 6am and 2am and must be completely filled out, legible and visible from the outside of the vehicle.  Residents can no longer call the Police Department to report a visitor's car for overnight parking after December 1, 2022.