Alarm Requirements

A smoke detection system shall be installed in accordance with N.F.P.A. The system shall include complete coverage with ceiling mounted, latching circuit smoke detectors with an LED indicating light. These shall be installed 15 feet from the wall, 30 feet on center, including all rooms with closing doors, such as bathrooms, utility rooms, and offices. A heat detector may be substituted for a smoke detector to eliminate false activations in some areas, subject to approval. The system, upon activation, shall sound an audio/visual alarm throughout the occupancy, shut down the H.V.A.C. system, and transmit a signal to the North Riverside Central Dispatch Center.


  • The fire alarm system shall be installed with an approved fire alarm wire encased in a conduit.
  • There shall be a strobe device in the washrooms.
  • Pull stations shall be installed at all exits. Activation of a pull station shall perform the same function as an activated smoke detector.
  • Fire alarm control panel shall be zoned, capable of sending an alarm directly to the Central Dispatch, and shutting down the H.V.A.C. System F.A.C.P. shall be capable of silencing the audio/visual devices without resetting or disabling the system.
  • ANSUL systems shall be connected to the fire alarm system.
  • A remote annunciator shall be installed at the main entrance. This annunciator shall show the zone activated. A legend giving the zone locations shall be posted at both the annunciator and the F.A.C.P. locations.
  • The fire alarm system shall have battery backup capabilities.
  • Ordinance Number 93-0-18 states that the fire alarm system shall be monitored by the Village of North Riverside Central Dispatch Center via a dedicated fire Radio Network system to be connected at the North Riverside Central Dispatch Center by Johnson Controls.
  • Permits are required, to be applied for at Village of North Riverside - Village Hall at:
    2401 S Des Plaines Avenue
    North Riverside, IL