Knox Box

The North Riverside Fire Department recommends the use of the Knox Box lockbox to gain entry into a building, if necessary. Per Village ordinance 03-0-10, buildings with fire alarms or fire suppression equipment are required to have a Knox Box.

Before installation, contact the fire prevention bureau with regards to the proper location for the Knox Box. When the installation is ready to be made, please call 708-447-1981 and someone will come out and place your keys in the Knox Box while you are present.

Key Access

The Knox Box system works well as long as the keys used for access are kept current. We realize that for security reasons it may be necessary to periodically change these keys. It is important that whenever you make changes to the keys for building/business access, you notify the fire department. Someone from fire prevention will come out and install the new keys in your Knox Box. By keeping these keys current, you will eliminate any damage to your business should we need to gain entry for a fire alarm or other emergency after store hours. Also, please keep in mind that only the North Riverside Fire Department has the key to access the Knox Box.


You may request an application for a Knox Box through the fire prevention bureau or online