Pre-Inspection Checklist

The fire prevention bureau conducts annual fire inspections on all commercial and multi-family occupancies. We would like to help you through the inspection process as quickly and smoothly as possible. In an effort to save some time on your part and to avoid unnecessary re-inspections, we have found that some fire prevention issues can be completed before the inspector arrives. The following are generally the most often found problems that can be completed/corrected ahead of time. 

  • If your fire alarm system is direct connected to the North Riverside Public Safety Answer Point, you will need to provide the annual fire alarm test/documentation. (This is to be completed by your fire alarm contractor.)
  • Sprinkler systems shall be maintained and you'll need to provide annual inspection documentation.
  • Fire extinguishers must display current service/inspection tags.
    • A minimum of one 10 pounds ABC portable fire extinguisher shall be provided within 75 feet of travel distance from anywhere in the business on each floor.
    • Fire extinguishers shall not be obstructed and shall be in a conspicuous location.
    • When visually obstructed, an approved means shall be provided to indicate location.
    • The fire extinguisher shall be mounted on the wall with a hanger.
  • Extension cords may not be used in lieu of permanent wiring.
    • UL-approved power strips may be used for computer/electronic equipment and must be plugged directly into an outlet.
  • A functional test shall be conducted on every required emergency lighting system at 30-day intervals for not less than 30 seconds.
    • An annual test shall be conducted on every required battery-powered emergency lighting system (includes battery-operated exit signs) for not less than 1 ½ hours. Equipment must be fully operational for the duration of the test. You'll need to complete one of these forms for each emergency light that you have in your business. Save the forms for review by the Fire Inspector during your Inspection. Download the form here.
  • Check all exit lights for proper illumination and all exits should be clear and unobstructed.
  • There should be no storage or combustibles within 3 feet of electrical panels or heating appliances and there is to be no stock or storage within 18 inches of any sprinkler heads.
  • Fire-resistance-rated construction shall be maintained (No holes in walls or ceilings)
  • The building address shall be clearly visible from the street and/or alley, a minimum of 4 inches in height with a contrasting background.
  • Commercial Cooking Processes:
    • A Class K fire extinguisher shall be mounted within 30 feet of commercial food equipment using vegetable or animal oils.
    • Commercial cooking systems shall be serviced semi-annually.
    • Hoods, grease removal devices, fans, ducts, and other appurtenances shall be cleaned to bare metal. Cleaning shall be recorded, and records shall state the extent, time, and date of cleaning.
    • Records shall be maintained on-premises.

The Village of North Riverside charges fees for re-inspections. The current re-inspection fees are $151.25 and are charged after the first re-inspection and each re-inspection thereafter until all violations are cleared.