Station Tours

This is a great way to meet your local firefighters as well as learn how a fire station operates. Any community group or individual is welcome to arrange a tour of the North Riverside Fire Station. The tour will focus primarily on the observation of the fire station's living quarters and fire engines. Guests will also be introduced to the many types of firefighting and rescue equipment that are carried on a modern-day fire truck. In addition to viewing the station, fire prevention and safety tips will also be discussed.

Tour Details

  • Age Group: All ages
  • Audience Size: 6 to 20 people
  • Cost: No cost
  • Resources Required: One adult supervisor for every five children under the age of 10 who will be participating in the tour.
  • Time: 30 minutes

Schedule This Program

  • Please fill out the form below or call 708-447-1981 for scheduling information.
  • Please provide us with a minimum of 15 days' advance notice. In order to accommodate possible scheduling conflicts, several alternative dates should be supplied.
  • Please be aware that the fire station is on 24-hour call. Even with booked tours, the possibility exists that the crew could be called out and the station will be closed when you arrive. If the crew is not at the station for the scheduled tour, wait for 15 minutes. If the crew does not return in that time frame, please contact the fire prevention bureau to reschedule.
  • Station tours are available to Village residents only.

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