Northern Illinois Police Alarm System

Northern Illinois Police Alarm System (N.I.P.A.S.) is a police mutual aid system operating in Northeastern Illinois. NI.P.A.S. was established by an intergovernmental agreement in 1983.

Three Main Components

  • Emergency Services Team
  • Mobile Field Force
  • Mutual Aid System

The Mutual Aid System provides for participating agencies to send a uniformed police officer to the requesting municipality. An example of when such a request might be made would be a train crash or derailment.

Tactical Team

The Emergency Services Team is a full-service tactical team designed to handle high-risk incidents. This team consists of the Entry Unit, Containment Unit, Marksman Unit, and Command Unit.

Mobile Field Force

The Mobile Field Force is designed to provide a rapid, organized response to civil disorder, crowd control, and other tactical situations.

The North Riverside Police Department currently has one officer assigned to the Emergency Services Team and two officers assigned to the Mobile Field Force.


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