Neighborhood Services

The Neighborhood Services committee was established in 1992 by the late Mayor Richard N Scheck to respond to residents who need assistance but don't know where to go. The volunteer block captains open lines of communication, reach out to people and create "family bonds" between neighbors so that no one feels alone.

The ninety block captains build bridges between the Village and its residents through the distribution of informational resources three times a year. These handouts contain useful information regarding a wide range of services available not only through the Village but also from neighboring agencies as well as their personal contact information for questions and concerns that arise throughout the year. Welcome bags are also provided to all new residents. Some captains also organize block parties and/or holiday get-togethers. This successful program has received worldwide recognition.

There is an informational sharing board located in the Village Commons with the bottom five middle windows dedicated to Neighborhood Services. Included on this board is a list of volunteers in town, as well as volunteer opportunities for adults and children. There is also a list of items needed in town and items to be given away. There are important phone numbers for financial help or pick-up services.

Contact Information

If you are interested in volunteering, learning more about the program, or just need assistance of any kind, please contact the Recreation Department at 442-5515 or Carol, Neighborhood Services Coordinator, at 447-4932.