About Us

Mission Statement

The North Riverside Police Department's mission is to preserve public safety and quality of life within the Village of North Riverside, to respond effectively to the changing needs of the community, and to promote mutual respect between the Police Department and the people we serve.

Our Statement of Values

These values guide the operation of the Department and the conduct of its members. These are our fundamental beliefs from which our Department sets policy, delivers services, and implements programs. Values set standards for our members in executing their public safety duties.

Our Highest Priority is the Protection of Human Life. This belief is reflected in every aspect of our department's conduct.

We treat members of the public with respect and dignity. We maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism in all actions. We will treat all those we serve in a compassionate, sensitive, courteous, and professional manner, regardless of sex, race, lifestyle, or reason for police contact. The integrity of the Department must not be compromised. There can be no question or suspicion among the citizenry regarding Department ethics. Professionalism requires impeccable conduct, careful protection of all citizens' rights, and the maintenance of high levels of accountability from all members of the Department.

We are committed to solving neighborhood problems. We care about the quality of life in North Riverside and believe that our services must answer their needs. The Department will provide a rapid and effective response to life-threatening situations and other public safety emergencies. Yet, we must seek new ways to address the contemporary neighborhood problems of crime, fear of crime, disorder, and physical and social decay.

We maintain open communication with the community we serve. Your input helps to determine police policies, priorities, and strategies. The Department recognizes the need to collaborate with the public in order to reduce crime, disorder, fear, and all those negative factors lessening the quality of life. We cannot effectively deal with these by ourselves. Through open communication, we strive to increase public understanding of law enforcement complexities, to ensure the certainty that Department priorities match community expectations, and to inform the public of the reasons for police actions.

We believe that policing strategies must preserve and advance democratic values. The Law enforcement officer in a democratic country must be the living expression of the values and potentialities of democracy. Police officers must, as a matter of course, know and use the most effective techniques for enforcing the law and maintaining order. Moreover, they must perform their duties in a manner that helps to preserve and extend the precious values of a democratic society. Thus, police must respect and protect the rights of all citizens as guaranteed by the Federal and States Constitution. These rights include the right to move throughout the Village without fear, the right to be free of harassment and discrimination, and the right to speak and/or demonstrate one's opinion in a lawful and orderly way.

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