Ruse Burglary Prevention Tips

Ruse burglaries are crimes in which the offender uses a "ruse" to distract their victim in order to commit a burglary. Ruse burglaries occur when an offender, often purporting to be a governmental or utility employee, distracts a homeowner by luring them outside of their home or to a more isolated room. Another individual then enters the home, stealing cash, jewelry and other items of value.

 Do not allow anyone in your home unless you know them personally or it is a scheduled appointment.   The North Riverside Police Department reminds you to NEVER let anyone inside your home without checking their identification, and ALWAYS call 911 if you are concerned.

To avoid falling prey to the thefts, we offer these following tips:

  •  Never allow anyone inside your home without a prescheduled appointment.
  •  If an individual claims affiliation with the Village of North Riverside, ask the person to provide identification, and call the Village to verify the individual.
  •  Do not exit your home with an unscheduled visitor.
  •  Any suspicious activity should be reported immediately to the North Riverside Police Department.