Mayor's Youth Scholarship Program


The North Riverside Educational Scholarship & Youth Program is a not for profit 503(c) organization.  The purpose of the fund is to provide North Riverside families with educational scholarships for their children to attend college and to participate in recreational programming and early childhood development activities offered by our Parks and Recreation Department.  Funds are raised throughout the year through local fundraising efforts at the Mayor’s Golf Outing held in June of every year. 


Applicants must be a United States citizen and have lived in North Riverside for at least one year, be under the age of 25 and plan to attend or are already attending college, vocational school, industrial school, or a post-high school program preparing for employment.  Financial assistance for youth programs offered through our Parks and Recreation Department is based on need. 


  1. Download the current application below or click here to apply online. 
  2. Submit a copy of your driver’s license or state identification card with your completed application
  3. Obtain a minimum of two letters of recommendations from an adult not related to the applicant (i.e., teacher, employer, neighbor, mentor, etc.)
  4. Submit a written essay (approximately 250 words) explaining what type of education is being pursued and the reason for interest in that area of study. 
  5. Official high school or college transcript with current GPA

Applications can be downloaded below in late March to early April of each year and must be received by 4:30pm on May 5th 2023 to be eligible for consideration. The preferred method for submitting a completed application package is by emailing the YSF Committee;  however submissions can also be delivered in person at the Administrative Offices of the North Riverside Village Commons, using the Village's drop boxes or by mail.  Applications submitted through the Village's drop boxes are not considered received until the following business day.  

2023 Youth Scholarship Fund Application


The scholarship committee will select the applicants who will receive scholarships.  Incomplete application packages will not be considered.   Awards are based on various factors, including character, community involvement, financial need, and seriousness of pursuing a post secondary education. Those awarded scholarships will be notified by email in late May.  Checks for the scholarship amount will be issued directly to the institution the student attends after a bill has been submitted to the Youth Scholarship Committee for processing. Those awarded scholarships will be recognized in person at the Mayor’s Golf Outing and Luncheon in June.  

  1. Youth Scholarship Fund

    Physical Address
    2401 S, DesPlaines Avenue
    North Riverside, IL 60546

    Fax: 708-447-4292

Youth Scholarship Committee Board of Directors

  • Kenneth Krochmal, President
  • Elizabeth Wittbrodt, Secretary
  • Nelson Mercado, Director
  • Joseph Mengoni, Mayor (non-voting member)