Commercial Vehicles

No vehicle having a gross vehicle weight (GVW) in excess of eight thousand (8,000) pounds, buses, tow trucks, construction and contractors equipment, materials, supplies and tools, including the trailers used to haul such items and snow plow blades, shall be stored or parked on any lot in any residence district, unless: 

(a) Such vehicle, equipment, supplies or tools are wholly enclosed within a building, or

(b) such vehicle, equipment, supplies or tools are being used in connection with a legitimate service actually being rendered for the benefit of such lot.

  • The outdoor storage or parking of any unoccupied taxi cab, limousine, or any other vehicle used to transport individuals for hire, regardless of gross vehicle weight (GVW) or state license designation and the outdoor storage of any “prohibited vehicle” as defined in Section 10.26.010 – Definitions of Village Code, is prohibited within all residential districts.