Block Parties

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Neighborhood block parties are an excellent way to build community spirit, relax with family and friends, and meet new neighbors. Building stronger relationships with your neighbors makes us a more vibrant community. 

Neighborhood Notifications

Communication with neighbors is key to planning a successful block party.  Every block party must have one block party representative (a single resident who resides on the block) who is designated as the village's main contact and is responsible for organizing the party, applying for and obtaining the required village approvals, inviting all residents of the neighborhood to the party, and organizing the clean up efforts afterwards. Every resident living on the block who is impacted by the requested street or alley closure must be notified and invited to the event.  At least 60% of the homeowners or tenants of the block must be in support of the block party.

General Block Party Guidelines

  • Applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis and may be limited due to other community events in the surrounding area.  No more than four block party requests in total will be approved for the same day.
  • Applications will be processed in the order they are received and must be received at least 10 days before the desired party date.
  • Block parties may be held on a Saturday or Sunday and cannot occur on a holiday, with the exception of Memorial Day and Labor Day.  
  • Applications must specify a requested time period, but cannot be earlier than 12pm nor later than 11:00pm.  Streets cannot be blocked off earlier than 12pm and must be reopened no later than 11:30pm.
  • Streets that carry significant significant traffic volumes (e.g. Cermak Rd, DesPlaines Ave, 1st Ave, 17th Ave, 26th Street, 31st Street, Forestview Drive) will not be considered.  
  • The attendance of Police or Fire personnel and apparatus cannot be guaranteed and is dependent upon availability.  Applications must specify a preferred time of arrival for these departments.
  • Bounce houses and other novelties, if used, must be specified on the application and located on private property, where they are the sole responsibility of the property owner. 
  • Live entertainment or DJs must be specified on the application and concluded by 11pm (per the Village's Noise Ordinance).
  • All extension cords and power supplies need to be secured and protected in order to prevent trips and falls.
  • Any food trucks or vendors must be licensed by the Village of North Riverside.

Prohibited Activities

  • Block parties cannot block off an entire intersection.  Vehicle traffic must be allowed to travel on cross streets.
  • Vehicles, ropes or other objects cannot be used to block off a street.  Only village issued barricades may be used.
  • Open fire pits cannot be located on public right-of-ways, including parkways, sidewalks and streets.
  • Fireworks
  • Tents, stages or other semi-permanent structures cannot be located on public streets.
  • Animals, pony rides or petting zoos are strictly prohibited, even if restricted to entirely private property.
  • Do not hang banners, signs, lights or decorations on barricades or across the street.
  • Alcohol may not be sold during a block party.

General Safety

  • Barricades will be delivered to the Block Party Representative by the Village's Public Works Department the Friday before the party and will be picked up the following Monday.  If necessary, additional guidelines for barricade placement may be stated on the confirmation letter provided to the Block Party Representative.
  • The Block Party Representative is responsible for cleaning up and restoring the public right-of-ways after the party ceases. Failure to clean up after the block party and restore the area may result in denial of future block party requests.
  • If there is an emergency, residents must remove the barricades at all intersections to allow access of emergency responders.
  • If a complaint is received about a block party, the North Riverside Police Department will be notify the Block Party Representative and issue a warning.  If a second complaint is received and verified by the NRPD, the block party will be required to disband.

The Village of North Riverside will not mediate disagreements between neighbors about street closures or the block party in general.  Any complaints received may result in the cancellation of the block party and may jeopardize future requests.

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