Senior & Disabled Snow Program

  1. Snow Removal Program is Closed for 2022 

  2. Program Guidelines:

    Most snowfalls in excess of 2" will be shoveled once the snow has ended.  Due to the popularity of this program, residences may not be immediately cleared, but all participants will be services within 24 hours of a qualifying snowfall.

    1. The Village's contractor will place a marker in each participant's parkway for easier identification prior to the start of the program. Please do not remove these markers.
    2. For large snowfalls, residents may be billed separately each time the Village's contractor is dispatched to shovel during the same storm.
    3. The program includes shoveling of the front sidewalk, all sidewalks leading to a front or side entrance and/or garage, the front steps, and a driveway or garage apron.  Patios located in your backyard or adjacent to a driveway are not included.
    4. Participation will not be approved if you have an outstanding balance from last year's program.
    5. During a snowfall, if the Village's contractor, upon arrival, sees that your residence has already been shoveled by another party, a door knocker will be left as proof of no service.  Participants who do not receive a no service door knocker will be responsible for reporting the lack of service within 24 hours of an eligible snowfall to avoid being charged.  All claims of no service must be validated within 24 hours by the Village in order to waive your responsibility for payment.