Handyman Program

Village of North Riverside Handyman Program

downloadThe Handyman Program was established in 2003 to assist seniors aged 65 and older and residents with disabilities with minor household repairs and general assistance. The program is meant for “screwdriver and plier” types of repairs to eliminate stress from the lives of our residents and to allow them to keep their homes safe and in good repair. The program can also assist residents who have general questions or are seeking advice. An example would be: “I’m hiring a general contractor to replace two cabinets and a counter top and they would like to charge me $125,000. Do you think this is a good price?”

The program is not meant for remodeling. The Village has the discretion to complete or deny any handyman request based on the scope of work being requested. The Village absorbs the first $25 of any material the handyman would need to purchase to perform repairs. Residents are responsible for the remaining balance which is payable to the Village of North Riverside through the handyman.

Typical repairs the handyman performs are:

· Carpentry

Handrail installation, cabinet door adjustment, handle and lock replacements on doors, door adjustment, minor siding repair, minor caulking, screen window repair, and storm window repair

· Electrical

 Outlet replacement, switch replacement, light bulb replacement, fuse replacement, battery replacement on Smoke and Carbon Dioxide detectors, and doorbell push button replacement

· Plumbing

 Faucet leak repair, toilet leak repair, sink drain assembly repair, outside water spigot repair, minor rodding, faucet aerator replacement, outdoor garden hoses attachment and detachment

· Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Furnace and humidifier filter replacement and thermostat battery replacement


All Handyman requests and questions should be directed to the Village of North Riverside’s Department of Public Works at (708) 762-5885.