Public Zoning Hearings

  1. Petitions for Zoning Changes

Calendar Year 2023

5/18/23 Public Hearing

  1. Petitioner:  Pollo Campero of Illinois LLC, Mascot LLC and Jefan LLC, 7451 W. Cermak Road - Case #2023-03-PD - Rezoning of Lot and Approval of Planned Development District
  2. Petitioner: North Riverside Park Mall, The Feil Organization, 7501 W. Cermak Road - Case #2023-04-APD - Request for an Amendment to Planned Development to Approve an Additional Outlot for the Development of a Discount Tires

4/20/23 Public Hearing

  1. Petitioner: Robert Houpy, American Real Estate Management & Development Co., LLC DBA: Lucky Day Gaming Café IV (8400 W. 26th Street) - Case #2023-01-SV - Request for Variation to Village Sign Ordinance
  2. Petitioner:  David & Dina Witken, 2417 S. 9th Avenue - Case #2023-02-ASV - Request for Variation to Title 17 of the NR Zoning Ordinance, Section 5.08 D(3) Accessory Buildings, Structures & Uses