Water Quality Reports

Annual Consumer Confidence Reports

The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) rule requires all community water systems to provide annual reports to their customers on the quality of their drinking water. The Village of North Riverside, in conjunction with the City of Chicago and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), prepares these reports in conformance with required disclosures pertaining to source water monitoring.

The Village of North Riverside has provided water that meets all the requirements of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) drinking water standards. The following reports are being provided to help you better understand the quality of the water you consume and use on a daily basis. Consumers with medical conditions may use the water quality analysis provided or request a City of Chicago complete water analysis, to consult with their family doctors. Others may learn ways to better protect their children from the effects of lead in our environment, or how to conserve water in our daily lives. A well-informed consumer is the best ally the Village has in providing clean, safe water to its customers.

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