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  1. Exact name as stated on birth certificate and or driver's license/I.D. card
  2. (Exact name as stated on birth certificate and/or driver’s license/I.D. card)

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  5. if not for profit
  6. Vehicle to be used while engaged in peddling or soliciting
  7. Name and address of all persons who will be soliciting in the Village of North Riverside under this permit, if granted.
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    I hereby declare, under oath, that the statements made “No Soliciting”, “No solicitors or peddlers”, “Non-profit Soliciting Only”, “Charitable Organization Solicitors Only” or any and all legally posted signs to control peddling/soliciting in the Village of North Riverside; that I will honor the Village of North Riverside code and solicit between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 .p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and will not peddle/solicit on Sundays or Holidays: that I will leave the premises immediately upon being asked to leave.  I further understand that any incorrect or fraudulent statement made in this application, or while peddling or soliciting, constitutes sufficient grounds for immediate suspension and/or revocation of the right to solicit within the Village of North Riverside, Illinois.


    Applicant also certifies that he/she is aware that the $300.00 fee will not be refunded if application is denied for any reason.  A registration badge will be issued to each person and be prominently displayed at all times such persons are engaged in peddling or solicitation.  A fee of $15.00 will be added for each day the applicant will be soliciting.  A deposit of five dollars shall be made at time of obtaining such badge, which deposit shall be refunded upon the return of such badge.  No registration badge shall be in the possession of any person other than the one to whom said registration badge is issued.

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