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When do I get billed for water and refuse?

The Village is divided into three water-billing zones. Each zone is billed quarterly with payment due the 20th day of their billing cycle. Payments received after the due date are subject to a 10% penalty.


Zone 1 - February, April, June, August, October, December
All properties east of First Avenue

Zone 2 - January, March, May, July, September, November
All properties on First Avenue and west


Where can I go to pay my water bill?

The Village offers 4 options for the payment of water bills. Residents may pay their water bills directly at the Village Commons during regular business hours, drop their bills off 24 hours at the drop boxes located in both the front and back entrances of the Village Common building, pay online by clicking here, or at Harris Bank, 9101-09 W. Cermak Road, at no additional charge.


How do I arrange a special pick-up for items such as a stove, refrigerator, couch, or other large items?

You will need to call Roy Strom directly at 708-344-5000 and ask to speak with customer service for North Riverside. A customer service representative can arrange a special pick-up for you.


How do I dispose of hazardous waste?

Old latex paint can be put out with the regular garbage only if the pain is completely dried. Information regarding the disposal of all other hazardous waste can be found by calling the West Cook County Hazardous Waste Agency at 708-450-0100.


What is the biggest size garage I can build?

The biggest size garage you can build on a lot that is 50 feet or larger is 24 x 24. On a lot that is less than 50 feet, the biggest size garage you can build is 23 x 23. The maximum height allowed for a garage is 14 feet.


When is a building permit required?

A building permit is required if you are doing any work that is more than $300.00. The only exception is painting.


Does the Village use transfer stamps?

The Village of North Riverside does not use transfer stamps. Instead, we require a Pre-Sale Inspection of the home. To schedule a pre-sale inspection, the seller or the agent representing the seller needs to come into the Village Commons and fill out the application. The cost of the application is $405.00 for a single-family house. Once we have the application and the fee we can schedule a day for the inspection and the final water reading. We also require a current plat-of-survey to be submitted with the application.


What is the maximum height allowed for building an addition on my house?

The maximum height allowed for an addition is 28 feet.


What codes does the Village of North Riverside currently follow?

The codes the Village is currently following are the 1987 BOCA for building, International Mechanical Code 2006, NEC 2008 for electrical, 2009 International Energy Conservation Code, Illinois Accessibility Code and for plumbing the State of Illinois Plumbing Code and North Riverside Amendments.


If I would like to do work in the Village, what do I need to do to be registered?

In order to be registered with the Village, all contractors to fill out the application, present a Certificate of Insurance that names the Village of North Riverside as a Certificate Holder and Additional Insured, and pay the annual fee of $225.00. Electricians and plumbers would also need to submit a copy of their current license and a $10,000 surety bond. Roofing contractors would also need to submit a copy of their current license for registration.


How long does it take for a permit to be issued?

The permit process usually takes a couple of days before the permit can be issued, longer if the contractor is not registered with the Village. If the permit involves an addition or remodeling, then the process takes about 10 business days for the first plan review. Please remember when submitting a permit application for any addition or remodel, the Building Department needs a list of all contractors, four sets of stamped plans and a total cost of the job (including owner supplied items).


What is the minimum amount of amps required for an electrical service?

For a new electrical service the Village requires a minimum of 100 amps.


What cab companies do we use for the Rider Program?

-A- Local Taxi (708) 447-4700
Express Cab (708) 863-2400
Riverside | Brookfield Cab (708) 485-2500
Blue Village Cab Company (708) 583-6900


Can I rent a room in the Village Commons, Park or Gazebo?

Yes, contact the Recreation Department at 708-442-5515 for more information about our facilities.


What does CO-OP mean in the Recreation Book?

If you see the word CO-OP by any of the classes offered in our book, you would be able to participate in this class at resident rates. We currently have a 4-Community Recreation Co-op with Riverside, Lyons and Brookfield. This benefits our residents because it allows them to participate in more programs at resident rates.


Who can I talk to about Little League?

See “Club Information” in our Recreation Book for details.


How can I find out about the clubs and civic groups in North Riverside?

See “Club Information” in our Recreation Book for details.


How often is the Recreation Book published?

There are 3 printings per year- May, September and December. The Recreation book has all of the classes, special events, and trips for youth and adults.


Why is my power off?

Please contact ComEd at (800) 334-7661.


Please DO NOT contact the police department unless you are reporting an emergency.


When and where are blood pressure screenings?

Monday through Friday from 1PM-5PM at the Fire Department.


Where can I get a smoke detector?

Smoke detectors can be purchased at the Village Commons for $8. If needed, the Fire Department will install the smoke detector for you.


What do I do if I am getting water in my basement?

Don’t go in the basement. Contact the Fire Department at 447-1981.


Where can I get a Medic Alert Bracelet?

Call 800-432-5378 or visit their web site


How do I sign up for Community Alerts?

Sign up for COMMUNITY ALERTS here.